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Robert Sidney Bowen, Jr. (1900– 1977) was a World War I aviator, newspaper journalist, magazine editor and author. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and died of cancer in Honolulu, Hawaii, at the age of 76. Bowen is best known for his boys’ series books written during World War II, the Dave Dawson War Adventure Series and the Red Randall Series. He also worked under the name R. Sidney Bowen and under the pseudonym James Robert Richard. Included in this volume are 14 novels in the Dave Dawson War Adventure series:<P> Dave Dawson at Dunkirk<BR> Dav Dawson with the R.A.F.<BR> Dave Dawson in Libya<BR> Dave Dawson on Convoy Patrol<BR> Dave Dawson Flight Lieutenant<BR> Dave Dawson at Singapore<BR> Dave Dawson with the Pacific Fleet<BR> Dave Dawson with the Commandos<BR> Dave Dawson on the Russian Front<BR> Dave Dawson with the Flying Tigers<BR> Dave Dawson on Guadalcanal<BR> Dave Dawson at Casablanca<BR> Dave Dawson with the Eighth Air Force<BR> Dave Dawson at Truk<P> If you enjoy this volume of classic stories, don't forget to search your favorite ebook store for «Wildside Press Megapack» to see the 270+ other entries in this series, including science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, adventure, horror, westerns – and much, much more!
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